Richard Lawrence Harrington

Richard L Harrington



No Childhood


To she who pulls me through the right doors...
I am an old man
Thus farewell to learned lives
And cometh my love
There are no more sounds
No sights nor fleshy touches
There is only thought
Dream eternity
Together to ourselves
Time's gone forever
Loving love for love
Living death's life in vision
We're now found in sleep

To a Seeing Ray


To a love
Though I've lost you,
I love you still
I'll carry through,
I always will
Sojourn on throughout my days,
You'll be the end of such ways.

This Is How I Grow Old


I am born
I am raised
I grow young
I grow on
I gain life
I gain love
I join law
I join hands
I raise life
I raise thought
I give age
I give out
I bring age
I bring death

From an Uncoiled Mortal


To another one...
You remember our youth?
e'er we met
Recall our ever-love?
e'er we played
Forget our departure.
e'er we longed
Now relive our return.
e'er we cried
Walk our wedding aisle.
e'er we touched
See our darling children.
e'er we watched
Hear our heirs and those their's
e're we taught
Ponder our parting breaths
e're we left
Live our eternal heaven
e're we love

A Fraction of My Visions


When nights are cold and all is dead
there oft is fear upon my head.

Afore me lie infinite leagues
through worlds of all both great and small
across a sea of human greeds.

My sojourn's end I cannot see
through lifeless worlds of human greed
but I can hope that it will be
a place that's home for love indeed.

My love she falls through deep dark pits
and gains first sight of human wits.
There she confides in newfound guides.
My love is gone for she has died.
Her soul's not there at our bedside.

But I rejoice in all this deal,
for I see now it was not real.
Twas in the night I saw her die
and now I know it's all a lie.
They were her hands that did redeem
my mind from strongly crying dreams.

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