Richard Lawrence Harrington

Richard L Harrington





What a beautiful friend you are
To grow on me like a limb
To comfort my changing mind

What an abhorrent fiend you are
To sever from me as in war
To abandon my devout will



All I want is something real
Something that we all can feel alive

Just take me where those hearts don't steal
A quiet voce speaks loudly in the night

The myst'ry of your hearts untold
By spoken words that don't unfold to me

It's strange, I could not see 'till now
That actions show just what it is you'll be

In My Hands


These hollow hands hold nothing,
This fleshy mass is only clay.
That blue light I am, a shield,
That crimson figure lies beyond.
This blood seeks, neither can have,
These halfway tones are their own.



Be your candle
Some will melt in sun so bright
Others will crumble in pale cellar's light
Selfless will burn, glow just one night

We were the waiting dust
We are the breathing dust
We'll forever be - dust

Each is each other
I am another
We are him and her
Worlds are changed by the one
Each takes part, then it's done
A peaceful war is won

Receive my fading flame

That Girl


who stroked her golden mane
who loved the fruits of nature
bounding through the valley grass
hopping flights from hairy trees

Into the mist;

A land of green and blue.
trees are ancient, grasses are low
the salt waters sting in wounds
the animal becomes throbbing reality
what truth so few knew becomes lost
what was once love becomes my fear.

Cry Without


this is the shore of doubt
whose harbors are defended

this is the sea through which we travel
where we find only lost souls

this is the sojourner of mercy
whose mind's path is set

this is the traveler for whom I live
when crossroads are lost in fog

this is the friend who's more than that
whose heart is kept secret

this is the soul that so few know
while so few are so worth it

The Other Way


I will not
sail away, learn to be free
help the world through all that's me
I will not
smile in sight of sunrise
receive comfort from soft eyes
I will not
find what I always lived for
step beyond this lost life's door
I will not
live the life, this life I choose
reach my dreams, not without you
I would not
easily hear a no
I could not
bear the harsh let go



whose flesh I may not touch

whose life I will not lead

whose perfect smile I rarely see

and whose love I hope always to receive

she is the girl who'll sail away
with precious words she did not say
to make me listen another day

seclusion's shield is cast upon her
to keep her strong, to keep her honor
and hold her heart as it grows fonder

An Old Idea


Life should be an "as you wish" fairytale.
The Holy Grail should be a token of love.
The president should be a sober Rasputin.
Eyes should soothe, fingers should know.
The leaves of Autumn should be enough.
The world should hie a peaceful journey.

Subtle Sighs


Years awake
to find the time
to do the right

Questions break
to change the heart
to see the warmth

Dance tonight
to feel the breadth
to know the soul

Lacking light
to rest the mind
to share the air

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