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Richard L Harrington





to the stars we sling our hearts
to help them find lost love's arts
where they go some wish they knew
where in time these lovers flew
they'd find tales of you and I
they'd see us rise into the sky



I once met a man who devoured me whole,
and I saw from outside, discontent was his soul.
He stared at the sun and all that it be,
so I asked him myself just what he did see.
He said that its beams would give his sight haze,
but he wished that he could look down with its gaze.
He wanted its distance so I would look small
for I disgusted his liking with body and all.
He set me aback and made ready my flee,
but I stood my ground for he longed to be me.
He told me my youth put want in his eyes
like any old man who'd find me a prize.
He took to my image with hate and adorn,
but he envied me then for he loathed himself more.

Discontent 2


"I'm too young to die
and heaven's hell for my cares.
Only one more year
and my powers will race free.
I've so much to do
in such little time.
Life can let the peers teach me
for they know all I'll care to learn.
I'll relax in the sun
where my body can melt away.
Girls are hard to love
with all those to choose from.
I wan't to be older,
yet I don't want the body.
"I await my endless night
and Maker's glory dawns my day.
One hundred years ago
I was the god I long to be.
My work is done
so retire my soul oh Lord.
All lessons are learned
and my mind starves in vain.
This body does not move
for the bones need greasing.
A sight of love takes me off
to memories of my wife in heaven.
I want to be young again,
yet I don't want the life.

Where It All Goes:


To the night sings my soul
For purples of her love drift the sky
To times we'll fin'ly meet
For purposes none shall ever know
To this dear love of mine
For people not e're to see with eyes
To things misunderstood
For patient hearts which long late realize
To the strangely destined
To taken grand morals

For Your Word


A stroke of grace across the wings of a Pegasus.

The gift of a chance for sight of love.

A knife and shed the blood of meaning.

Last Chance


And I walked, walked in wonder
for sight
of thunder at hand.
And my love, loved me never
for time
is ever at end.
in mind.
My bleating soul,
my tears.
Hear all my "I love you's."
I do.
And I know, know your feeling
for life
of stealing at hearts.
And I leave
this moment
for you,
your endowments
I knew.

Humble Child


He did his best
as best he could
To please the lord
as all men should
He came in clothes
so hard to wear
With blighted shoes
I would not bear
He did his best
to make god glad
And he gave thanks
for all he had...

Untrusted Healer


About the girl who dropped her watch and gave time to her child

Where hearts and souls
Riled as winds of a far forgotten shore,
And came the cannibals who want no more
For here, flesh took place in their desire,
And they wished to burn it in false love's fire

Amidst her sleep, there fell her mark of time,
Upon the ground, burrowed in dirt and grime
But from the dark came a pale virgin hand,
Into the light, unmet by dark demand

It found the watch and lifted the chain,
And left the weight last to where it was lain
But now it is sad for she did not find,
The gift her child would have in its mind

Such Is Life


Such is life that time will tell
of all the things that come to pass.
And when, one day, you find yourself
trapped in lust that will not last
I hope that life will show the way
and let ring the love you knew.

Wedding Hymn


upon a time of times
Two steps
down ailes for dancing
Three vows made
who're first for love's grand eyes
Four centuries
pass through long years of love
Five thousand million
hearts of hate could tear us not
Six pillars still hold strong
the bonds before we sailed
No sojourns leagues nor seas
could steal away our last
wedding for love..

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