Richard Lawrence Harrington

Richard L Harrington



Silent Sighs


We were all meant to go eventually
First the lustful
then the trustful
and finally the rest
who wait to settle
To be broken, is this boredom?
am I spite?
do I sting?
will I bite?
what will this bring?
Is this sword Voice's Bane?
these lips
trust's pain?
Broken is the sun,
chaos and combustion
You are the rain.
I am the path
the "other" path.
skin me,
drain me...
I am me.
You are the rain.
Worlds collide for you
your life
I must intoxicate this room's air
"close the window
it's cold."
and yet the cold is you...
beautiful cold
honorable rain
This window must open
air must be cleared
must carry me away
You are the rain.
talk to me

To: Hallux Femoro-Patellar


When mystery's cloak unfolds
before your wayward tries,
the world that was untold
becomes at least a feast for eyes.
And when this story's told and done
the world will be as one,
for naught but truth can be undone
from the wandering of our lies.
Yet still, searching for those shadows,
are you,
things you wish to be?
But when, my friend,
were they lit anew,
they you sought to see?
The world is widows, my friend,
women who once could be,
but now they're quiet,
dark to you and me.
A gentleman,
a poet,
a knight you may be,
but these, thy brethren,
have betrayed the love you see.
And to this end the world must fall,
on tattered arms and wounds from all.
You shall only be who you will be,
and nothing more than the winds would call.
Unless you break the bonds the world has sown,
and be the man who leaves pain overthrown.
One can be perfect if one only tries,
for perfection is but what eternity hides.

Message for Knots


and sounds this voice into the night
to hearts that hear, through hearts that fight
to this love of mine who cries in pain
hear this voice, let hope remain
I love you Molly, to pray for thee
I'd hold you there, I'd set you free
ease your petals, and your stem
this note is ours,
please hear me sing

Arabian Diamond


the world twists a turn
and there it burns
where least expected
where most rejected

the sun shoots a flare
and there it splays
careful, cauterized
careless, hemorrhaged

the love shares a kiss
and there it soothes
where most cardinal
where least rejected



Flare out across lonely worlds
Oh ye fibers of Red Sea
Take with you what you will
and keep all that you are

Span the sands of twilight air
Oh ye fibers of sought needs
Take with you what you will
and keep all that will be

Thrash the grounds of former hands
Oh ye fibers of longings
Take with you what you will
and keep what is beauty

Watch droplets spread above you
Oh ye aura of fibers
Keep with you what you will
and don't keep me too far

Share those drifting satin threads
Oh ye fair, unravelled soul
Keep with you what is yours
and keep me there to mend

Philosophical Studies


spinning wildly
a wayfaring web
a wandering sojourner
land to sea
ocean to shore
the reality is water and dirt
the glory is organization
a wonderment of tears
a silence of touch
a touch of compassion
the quiet of sensation
see the world
see dirt and water
art and life
the minds of acquaintanceship
we are not alone
except in love



I choose.



Words Words Words!
I speak a tongue none ever knew
I form the sounds romantics woo
And while I'm here I cannot see
Blinded by lights I sought to be
Yet there she is, looking at me

Time! Trust! Change!
I am what none have ever been
I built ideals to rest within
And here I am while words appear
Writing in sounds few care to hear
Yet she translates, my love, so near

What You Saw Is What I Am


I simply missed the eyes that saw me...

You think yourself a monster
a being to destroy
the precious morals and timeless values
of a lost, forgotten little boy

There was always that deepness
a truth you need to see
the precious morals and timeless values
are perhaps, just the things that saved me



Translate through space
through time
Bathe in nebulas
nebulous expanses

Travel by chance
by luck
Sail through stormy seas
tempestuous stardust

Sojourn through ends
through glass
Hold by lovely gaze
infinite "I love you's"

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