Richard Lawrence Harrington

Richard L Harrington





I'm entranced
Not over-your-head entranced
Not obsessive entranced
Not entranced like a moth to the flame
But just enough to keep me going
Entranced by elaborate thoughts
Entranced by my heart
Entranced by you

Primary Love


Weaving my way though the day
I happened across a lovely sight.
A color unknown by mortal way
glorified by its own fair light.
Delicate as a forrest
Soothing as the sea
Passionate as a sunset
Deep as the outer heavens

'Twas a charming thing indeed
that beautiful color I felt
Its brilliance my eyes could not see
but for its smile I fell.
So I sojourned the trails
Sailed from the shores
Embraced the rays
Searched the stars

Thankfully Blighted by Light


A distant light
A cresting ray
Strokes the trees with golden gleam,
yet stands so far away.

A harrowed crowd
A stolid grove
Stays away in valley low
but still stands where light dove.

Sonnet 2 - (A Thank You Valentine)


Dearest Love:
My gentle heart is shewn in women's eyes,
But you, fair lass, do see what they forgot;
To find the kindness that promotes their sighs;
To long embrace the manners ancients sought.

You found me alone with a thousand friends,
While I strived to calm their sea of faces.
You shined o'er the water to all its ends;
Searching to suit emotional places.

I cannot say what brought you unto me;
You rescued me from tempestuous waves,
From fear-welcomed nights when love is sleazy;
Into your reserved arms where love behaves.

And now I'll guard you from what I did see,
So hap'ly ever after we will be.



Bear the day
Suffer long hours
Fearing sunlight
All its wonders
Glorious trees
Pain indulges
Choices for life
Rend open my soul
Spill the memories
Touch the hand
Find peace
As I sleep

Hoarse Writer


Trust my touch
Never receive it
Stay, Leave
I rejoice
Because you'd let me
Because my hand could
But won't
I'd live forever
Pleasantly content in your confidence
Happily in love with the universe
Eternal expanse
Our home
Where you are you
I am me
And it is we



Saunter through life
take your time and find your way
Forget your strife
your soul's battle's won today
Behold the sounds
listen while you're on your own
Silence astounds
only you, and you're alone
Speak on deaf ears
form your poem, a written sigh
Nobody hears
whilst your soul attempts to cry
Longings taunted
wish the same as all others
All you wanted
is the sweet voice that is hers



He sees you
He does
Stares eagerly away
Not the slightest falter
Piercing eyes within your averted gaze
A beast without manners
Or a compassionate prince
A selfish tickle on your velvet cheek
He wants to see you
But not disturb
He holds the key in fear
You keep the doors in tranquility.



See this balloon make a friend.
I try but all these others can never see you.
See the childhood predestiny.
Maybe it was meant to be.
See what makes us the same.
You and me.



I saw it but nobody else did
she was young and beautiful
old and the same
a thousand years with one lost
I saw it
she fell for all but here and her
me and there
hopeless girl without a gift of tears
I saw it all
here was the first, the last, and the always
the word, the touch, and the love
it came without condition?
I saw it all the way to the end
and now she's a busty babe
and all the boys like her
but they can't do what I did

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