Richard Lawrence Harrington

Richard L Harrington





the things you've never time to see
are oft the things remembered most
when light of day and stars of night
come crashing down 'twixt thine twilight
you'd never know the beauty of 't
for the closeness of your heart
yet rip that part from inside your soul
and know the touch once graced that hole

By Speaking Eyes


as some dreaming sight
by eyes' fond rest on silver dreams
to know, to know again
what felt before was lost thought I, I'd not dream again

this soulful dancer
whirls slow afore mine fixed eyes
to float, and drift in time
so brought longing to me

whence some winter's night
brought cold at hand of wand'rer's woes
to feel, to feel her then
scarce a spirit more true

then by turning hand
amongst loveless feeling's embrace
to kiss, and lose I'd not
for not cheaply I fell

now faintly spoken
in pain of thine locked mantle's weight
I wish, I wish I'd told
just how my heart's been drawn thought I, I'd not dream again
Yet here o'er warms my heart to be wrong

Muse so Fondly


I knew once
a golden meadow
that shown in light as by dreams
where fared the hands of none
but those I placed secretly

In this place
my dancing conscious
did read upon leafy boughs
and shared nature's comfort
as someone lost now called home



Speak a mind
such a voice as this light is warm
here by the fire
hearing thought spoken openly

To question
some tired hearts need listen
to longing souls
that rest on these chamomile dreams

Sharing time
within some waking moment
I've found myself
when once in shadow, now happy

Scented Memories


It's awful crowded in here.
The light hardly shines
in this room you left for me
and the songs you sing
haunt the corridors of your mind

Not much breaks through.
The door is locked shut
by memories you won't share
and the space beneath
is hardly room for a whisper

Something that is hope.
The key is locked away
in desperate paintings
and as your hand strokes
I know not what to say

Wanting what's not mine.
The apology I wish to make
by the jutting from your voice
and the sudden distance
is never mine to share

Time Travel


Stand in light for today's life's bound
for all the joy your heart never found.
Be easy on your solemn way
for love rests in your heart today.
'Tis sad to leave the past behind
as memories you seek to find.
But learn in this day of remembrance
for joy shall come as tears leave hence.
Rejoice today and live tomorrow
for returning love will drown your sorrow.

Where I Should Have Been


For the bittersweet
of a once-loved smile
and the silicon breadth
of a love-graced while
Come may we to hear
and bear our heaven-rent souls
if they silently speak
you'll bare your ember-bent coals

We forget these lies
and how they make us feel
low, a thousand tries
just might make something real

And we justify
all the lust-resistence
by a terror within
all the faith-fought distance
Know the touching soul
and believe you ain't got one
'cause it tears you apart
to believe you're forgotten

We forget these lies
and how they make us feel
low, a thousand tries
just might make something real

We're all becoming
such a tear-lost reason
for a willowy life
such a wind-stripped season
As friends knowing love
and warmth souls always mean fair
may we dreamily keep
such warmth as few may compare

We forget these lies
and how they make us feel
low, a thousand tries
just might make something real

We forget these lies
and promises we seal
a thousand tries
just might make something real again



watch the light strike time away
all those memories I may
watch the sunrise through the hall
because there's nothing there at all
now all's gone and I'm still here
to carry on without you near

by the burden you exume
watching you wake beside her tomb
may it never be the same
as the rest may fool again
never was the smile you wanted
just the warmness that she flaunted

On Backlash Dreams


Beyond, afar
Some shallow blood ferninst
Some ancient shore

Windswept, carried
With floating heart's intent
With passion wan

Intimate, sincere
By hollow hand repose
By mindless bilk

Threadbare, effete
For wanton, vain retreat
For feeling real

Loving, hating
I believe here betwixt
I always knew



Here we are again.
With fish in the sea.
Just like all the others,
but you're one step behind me.

Like battle's flag.
Raise the standard high.
Some bigger fish perhaps,
to eat the best as they die.

You never knew.
In the surface you saw.
Some strange beauty long past,
as my old soul's scars spread, raw.

Nothing was meant.
No fate ever became.
Just a long way lost now,
by voiceless plans your faith names.

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