Richard Lawrence Harrington

Richard L Harrington



The Other Way


I will not
sail away, learn to be free
help the world through all that's me
I will not
smile in sight of sunrise
receive comfort from soft eyes
I will not
find what I always lived for
step beyond this lost life's door
I will not
live the life, this life I choose
reach my dreams, not without you
I would not
easily hear a no
I could not
bear the harsh let go



whose flesh I may not touch

whose life I will not lead

whose perfect smile I rarely see

and whose love I hope always to receive

she is the girl who'll sail away
with precious words she did not say
to make me listen another day

seclusion's shield is cast upon her
to keep her strong, to keep her honor
and hold her heart as it grows fonder

An Old Idea


Life should be an "as you wish" fairytale.
The Holy Grail should be a token of love.
The president should be a sober Rasputin.
Eyes should soothe, fingers should know.
The leaves of Autumn should be enough.
The world should hie a peaceful journey.

Subtle Sighs


Years awake
to find the time
to do the right

Questions break
to change the heart
to see the warmth

Dance tonight
to feel the breadth
to know the soul

Lacking light
to rest the mind
to share the air



I'm entranced
Not over-your-head entranced
Not obsessive entranced
Not entranced like a moth to the flame
But just enough to keep me going
Entranced by elaborate thoughts
Entranced by my heart
Entranced by you

Primary Love


Weaving my way though the day
I happened across a lovely sight.
A color unknown by mortal way
glorified by its own fair light.
Delicate as a forrest
Soothing as the sea
Passionate as a sunset
Deep as the outer heavens

'Twas a charming thing indeed
that beautiful color I felt
Its brilliance my eyes could not see
but for its smile I fell.
So I sojourned the trails
Sailed from the shores
Embraced the rays
Searched the stars

Thankfully Blighted by Light


A distant light
A cresting ray
Strokes the trees with golden gleam,
yet stands so far away.

A harrowed crowd
A stolid grove
Stays away in valley low
but still stands where light dove.

Sonnet 2 - (A Thank You Valentine)


Dearest Love:
My gentle heart is shewn in women's eyes,
But you, fair lass, do see what they forgot;
To find the kindness that promotes their sighs;
To long embrace the manners ancients sought.

You found me alone with a thousand friends,
While I strived to calm their sea of faces.
You shined o'er the water to all its ends;
Searching to suit emotional places.

I cannot say what brought you unto me;
You rescued me from tempestuous waves,
From fear-welcomed nights when love is sleazy;
Into your reserved arms where love behaves.

And now I'll guard you from what I did see,
So hap'ly ever after we will be.



Bear the day
Suffer long hours
Fearing sunlight
All its wonders
Glorious trees
Pain indulges
Choices for life
Rend open my soul
Spill the memories
Touch the hand
Find peace
As I sleep

Hoarse Writer


Trust my touch
Never receive it
Stay, Leave
I rejoice
Because you'd let me
Because my hand could
But won't
I'd live forever
Pleasantly content in your confidence
Happily in love with the universe
Eternal expanse
Our home
Where you are you
I am me
And it is we

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