Portfolion of Richard Lawrence Harrington



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You sail around this rock as you're looking for your home
And you dive into the ocean to drink the dark unknown

Here, smiles melt like candy, but the saccharine puts up a fight
And you sleep naked on the reef, because an hour's not a night

You would dig your own grave just to see her again

But only one coin's in your pocket

And the stone carver asks another for her name

So you tie to the mast with their voices at your back
And you seek your home no matter how their words attack

Then you roll over in the morning, beaten and old from the war,
But in the time it took to heal she's once again out the door.

The Smile of Apathy (Lacuna)



Knowing what will come
will come;
what will go,
will too.

With all this heartbreak
alone in a crowd;
set fire to the world,
and freeze in the night.

When the rain falls
and you've forgotten your umbrella;
your feet bring you back home,
to rest divided by the storm.

But the days pass
and soon you learn;
you walk again into the night
this time with a hand in hand.

Cynosure (Lacuna)



Splintering like glass,
up from the grave;
down inside your words
so over-depraved.

Feel your beating heart,
sounds of your love;
see your whole self there
where touch ain't enough.

Cynosure to me,
fiery for some;
wind across your cheek
so icy and numb.

Morning Abode



Upon your face I look
With the eyes I'll one day have
Wrinkled around like sequoia hearts
Still fixed to you
...like the journey of my soul

And your hope feels my skin
Which has aged beyond me now
Withered with its leathery freckles
but still yours to touch
...if you ever need it much

The Nebula



I form things I have yet to know
within my other half
my eternal soul is resting there
...hidden behind this mask
it is not a darkness...
it is what is alone
— an unknowing
what I have always searched for
what I have never known

See the emotion in the expressionless...
can you see the expression in creation?

this bursting from within
...this is not pain

this is all creation...
this is all creation.
can you see?

there is a unity to this all

In every part
every whole
In every push
every pull

In our sea
our shore
In our lives
forever more

within each expanding thing
...we are bound to this beautiful sea

we move as tides — as waves
in the crash around us
and all we have made
into the dark
...and below the sound

when it shakes us, we fall
when it dies
so do we all

and the silence will take our bodies
and we will sleep as it calls

and the swells of life surround us
and bring meaning to this crawl

Yes, we will die off that foamy coast
on the edge of humanity
unknown by most

We will die
on the edge of creation
where new life
is our ghost

Proportional Solitude



A scratch may carry a lifetime.
A limb may fall for a day.
not judged by the missing
but avowed by her way

To walk within these feelings.
To carry on untraced.
let freedom's voice surround you
and lie beside her grace

Where darkness assembles light.
Where blood renews the Earth.
we bear these things in life
and age before our births

Will silence ever truly know?
Will stoics ever listen?
to your screams of onyx
that through pinholes, glisten

Closing an Infinite Set



I am here for but a fleeting moment,
both infinite and miniscule in its integrity —
and then I am gone.

Like a pebble at the event horizon,
flayed open to swirl down the drain —
drowned in collective pride.

I am bound to the tip of a pinwheel,
hurtling into and out of my waking vision —
and here I remain.

Like the hierarchy of all communication,
remaining cyclic in a moment only to die —
crushed into Andromeda.

By no greater means shall we all fail,
than by this cosmic crawl into time's brick wall —
there is no escape.

Aura of Your Soul



Do you feel it when I feel it?
Do you know how it is when I touch you?
Do you hold the voice of a faded light in the aura of your soul?

Well I do now...
I do now.
And I glow with the warmth your bring me,
and I show with the way I live.
So take all of what I offer,
'cause it's the best that I can give.

Will the light of the morning wake you,
when it warms like my hand across your skin?
Will the night pass you by and remind you of embraces we have known?

Remember now...
Like I do now.
And I'll glow with the warmth your bring me,
and I'll show with the way I live.
So take all of what I offer,
'cause it's the best that I can give.




Don't take me down;
just leave me here.
I don't know why,
but I know that I
don't always feel this way.

I'm floating on the sails of poetry
and I know this is always me
So don't make me real
and don't make me feel
like I just don't belong here today.

Across the Room



Such boundless - awareness
but I'm sorry - you're caught in - your sweet little misery
I listen - to your lips - but you just speak without using your ears

Dance 'round - your fortunes
'till y'wake up - and lie there - honesty balanced on a pin
I don't think - that you have - ever really stopped to see you

So take this
and take that
Just watch it
grow up around
and all through
You're just fine
'cause you're smiling when you're sad

Perception - do'n't matter
I'm so glad - you're so high - on dreaming by yourself
that you can't - see what I - see glowing off your precious face

So take this
and take that
Just watch it
grow up around
and all through
You're just fine
'cause you're smiling when you're sad

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