Richard Lawrence Harrington

Richard L Harrington



Only Little Pieces


these are only little pieces
of a heart I meant to love
a holy sweetness I meant to carry

these are cookies from childhood
after I knew that secret
a promise of time and toil of hands

these are sacred whispers of words
slow electric caresses
which narrow the cautious air between us

these are fearful nighttime voices
finding judgment in shadows
and courage in ev'ry accepted truth

these are boldly sought tenderness
tiny kisses set afire
pain unraveled by soul-sought embrace

these are only little pieces
of a heart remembering
beauty before the ache of growing up

In You


You speak of God
in rev'rent contemplation
in old longings of wounds

You recite awe
in wisdom reciprocal
in beauties transcendent

You breathe vast life
in each falling autumn leaf
in kind healing of arms

You preach of love
in scarcities bountiful
in shared eternity

You speak of God
in borne celestial trust
in small echos of You

Resolute Uncharted Surrender


I ventured, then,
into my own frontier,
a wilderness unfamiliar
where time wove fingers not,
but the longing lingered
in every step among the trees
- in every echo of your warmth.

Polaris and the Cephei Siblings


When you fell into my sky,
I saw you with the same heart
- but knew you without clarity,
loved you without focus.

You mesmerized my being,
a beautiful spark to naked eyes
- but I knew you slightly then,
not so infinite as you are.

I thought you unmoving,
as I whirled through each night
- but you are not Polaris,
nor even Gamma Cephei.

You are every succession,
every drifting constellation
- each story behind your wisdom,
hard-earned in pain and joy.

When you fell into my sky,
I saw you with the same heart
- but not so honestly then,
as this universe you become.

The Sun - The Moon


Every ineffable darkness
weaving these together.
Feeling toes washed clean
in another's kind hands.
Dull sound of your voices
nestled amidst every thought.

Paths of your lives,
savored beside my own.
Teachings of regret.
Wounds of mistakes.
Knowing oneself,
equal in part.

Lines betwixt our palms.
Scars older than memory.
Whimsy of midnight
dancing in laughter.
Farewell kisses.
Wept hellos.

Disastrous reverence
burying this truth:
I am the sun,
I am the moon,
and I am every mystery
proffered from their shadows.

Into Comfort


Acquiesce to delight,
to each fleeting moment;
in acclimation,
fall not apart,
but passionately
into comfort.

Together In Need


lonesome freckle
naked night sky

angel beheld
powerless to pride

generous hands
walled all around

Boreal cheeks

Olive Tree of Vouves


We all,
inexorably bound,
cannot remain forever as we are,
lest we wilt in harvest.

Atonement in Equity


The wielder of greatest power,
in any given relationship,
is always most self-starved for forgiveness;
for, by power's very nature,
a grip on its greater portion
controls both its disparity
and the path to atonement in equity.

You Don't Choose the Message of Your Actions


When the form you wear
embodies not the shape of your heart
but rather a pattern of harm,

then strip it from you
- let it burn away;


should you hold that emblem close,
you'll find you bear it
in just and inevitable shame.

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