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Hi there! My name is Richard Lawrence Harrington.

I am a Game Developer in Seattle with talent in both art and programming.

My résumé can be viewed online here or downloaded in PDF format.

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Nix Ebola Valiance Online Reflector Labs Aero

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Like many game developers, my love of video games started at a very young age. The earliest game memory I can recall is enjoying the original Nibbles on an old DOS computer, back when floppy disks still existed — and were floppy.

Around age eight, my interest in games developed into a desire to actually make content for them. This led me to build custom levels for games such as Wolfenstein 3d and the Marathon Trilogy.

Eventually building the environments wasn't enough - I wanted to populate them with my own content. So, I started making custom sprite sets, textures, and physics settings. From there I moved on to 3D assets using Cinema 4D, which I learned in a Paradise High School computer graphics class.

For a long time my development interests were focused mostly on the visual aspects of games, but eventually I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing Game Prototyping class taught by Josh Morgan at The Art Institute of CA - Los Angeles. The class was a basic introduction to game programming using Flash ActionScript 3.

With my newfound talent for coding game logic and effects, I shifted my focus to development with Unity and began work on a team project called Lacuna, as Creator, Director, and Programmer.

After leading the prototype development for several months, along with a variety of other art, design, and programming jobs, I took on the position of Lead Engineer at GameDesk, an innovative educational games studio aimed towards integration with The Dayton Regional STEM Center Guidelines.

Since leaving GameDesk, I have been working as an independent contractor for various organizations. In my free time, I have also been building some of my own projects, like Reflector Labs and other prototypes not yet ready for the public eye.

Information about all of my past work is available on the projects page, and my more recent work is also shown above.