Camera Perspective Editor




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Expand Your Camera’s Versatility!


Powerful & Easy

  • Fully scriptable & animatable
  • Shows modified frustum
  • Easy to use inspector with descriptions
  • Comes with prefabs for common setups
  • Easily tweaked for your specific needs
  • Works in Orthographic and Perspective modes
  • Doesn’t break standard Camera component or controls
  • Dolly Zoom (Trombone Effect) without moving the camera
  • Smoothly transition between Perspective and Orthographic projections

Wide Range of Perspectives

  • Isometric Projections
  • Oblique Projections
  • Oblique Perspectives
  • Tilt-Shift Lens
  • Classic 2.5D FPS perspective
  • Skewed Views

Also Included

  • Full C# code for customization purposes
  • City diorama seen in screenshots
  • Classic 2.5D Character/Camera controller script