Richard Lawrence Harrington

Richard L Harrington

Software Engineer & Technical Artist

Project: Geomon



I was brought onto the Loki Studios team to develop and direct the visual style of Geomon, an iOS app.

Geomon is a reality-augmented, role-playing iOS game that harnesses the GPS and IP Location systems of the devices to determine the player's surrounding environment - thereby creating a real-world world map system.

Using the properties of the environment, the player can use their device as a "tracker" for spirit creatures called Espers. Players can collect, trade, and battle with these creatures as part of a progressive single-player storyline, or as part of a multi-player experience.

My work on Geomon as Art Director involved the following tasks:

    • Developing the visual style.
    • Creating all the art assets for the interface in the app's initial release.
    • Creating design and style guidlines for the Esper creatures.
    • Creating the initial release art assets for the Espers.
    • Designing the game's logo.
    • Designing the logo for the fictional, story-based company, EsperCorp.

Wait, this sounds like Pokemon Go!

YES! Turns out others noticed this as well...


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